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Quality control

Our Integral Cycle Manufacturing capability begins in the foundry and ends with packing/shipment of the valves, to guarantee OMS Saleri complete quality control.

Testing on materials and finished product

Our Quality Assurance System guarantees scrupulous observation of all design, construction and testing procedures.

Our laboratories have most modern equipment , allowing us to carry out all types of quality control and testing, including mechanical tests, chemical analysis, micrographic examination, destructive and non-destructive tests, comparative checks on raw materials and finished products in accordance with International Standars.

OMS Saleri carries out all types of testing, including: non-destructive examination (magnetic particle, radiographic, roughness, dye penetrant and ultrasonic tests) and corrosion testing:

  • Huey-Nitric Acid
  • CSCC-Chloride stress/corrosion/cracking
  • SSCC-Sulphide stress corrosion/cracking tests